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How YOU can make a difference!


There are many ways to contribute to Cares For Cancer and their Annual Benefit held each year the last Saturday in March! Non-profits not only need monitary donations, we also need hands, bodies, minds, and a caring heart!



The biggest part of any benefit is DONATIONS! Let us FIRST thank EVERYONE who donates to Cares for Cancer. This organization would not be possible without all the genorsoity that has been shown by YOUR donation over the years. Because of these donations we are able to raise money for people who can use these dollars during times of illness NOT just CANCER, when bills mount and even the littest of assistance is a blessing. We have some suggestions in ways you can donate to Cares For Cancer:

  1. Cash donations

  2. Items to be used in live/silent auctions

  3. Donation of decorative basket for silent auction items

  4. Helping Hands donation for companies who need to show volunteer hours . . .

You can also call one of the leaders of our committee listed on our CONTACT PAGE for more details or how you feel you or your company can help our committee help other!

Hands on​


Our biggest fundraise for Cares For Cancer is our benefit held the last Saturday in March each year. If you haven't been to one of our benefits, put it on your bucket list of things to do. It is a fun filled FAMILY night with much to do! Raffles, raffle boards, winning wheels, auctions, fellowship, eating. It is all wrapped into to one fun filled night of CARING. During our benefit we need all the volunteers possible to keep the evening running smooth. If committing as a member is overwhelming we can always use help the night of the benefit.

  1. Help in the kitchen

  2. Help running our benefit events

  3. MAKING BARS for the evening meal

  4. Set up/tear down for the event . . .

The list can go on and on. But if you are not able to commit to being a Committee member contact a member and ask how you can help the night of the benefit! There is always a task needing to be done!

Join Our Committe​


ONE exceptional ways to donate to Cares for Cancer would be to join our CARING COMMITTEE of members throughout the surround communities. Our committe is made up of members from all around our county and surround area. If you are interested in being part of our committee it is so EASY!

  1. Speak with a committee member and you are on board. We will be sure to add you to our list. OR

  2. Show up to a meeting

  3. (mostly held Jan-March during PRIME benefit planning time). OR

  4. You can use our CONTACT PAGE to speack with one of our Committee Leaders.


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